Cigar makes people fall in love with the taste. However, for various reasons, improper storage of cigars has inadvertently lost the quality of the legendary product. In this article, Neonlis Cigars will provide you with the right ways to store cigars at home!

1. In what conditions should cigars be stored?

Experts have recommended storing cigars at a temperature of 16-18 degrees Celsius and a standard humidity of 65-70%. Maintained in this condition, cigars can be stored for 5-10 years.

Cigar has a feature that only in the right humidity, the microorganisms present in the cigarette continue to grow, keeping the cigar up to the standard when used. If left too cold the cigar will crack and if it is too hot it will dry out. For the weather and ambient temperature and humidity in Vietnam, leaving the cigar out will significantly reduce the quality of the cigarette, even if it’s taken out for a short time.

Therefore, usually, to preserve the best quality of cigars, it is necessary to have supporting tools

cigar preservation
Cigars need to be preserved to retain their flavor

2. Cigar Care Instructions

As mentioned above, cigar users will often be equipped with a humidity cabinet or a specialized humidity box to preserve cigars during use.

How to use the humidifier?

Before putting the cigars in the box, you must remove the absorbent device from the box, use a clean, lint-free cloth soaked in distilled water to wipe the inside and outside of the humidor box, then leave it in a dry place for 3-5 minutes. This will prevent mold for the humidifier box.

After this time, you wipe the box again, let distilled water seep into the absorbent device and attach it to the box, then cover it and let it sit for 3-5 hours.

After this time, you gently put the cigars in the box and should only arrange a maximum of 3 layers to have space for moisture to flow in and keep all cigars evenly moist, then close the box, keep it away from heat. altitude and sunlight.

Storing cigars with a moisture-proof box is quite popular

How to use the humidifier?

The humidor cabinet works similarly to the humidor box, but is often used to display and store cigars in bulk. Some high-end types often have automatic spraying and dehumidifying systems with electronic humidity meters. When the meter is only at a humidity higher than the allowable level, the machine will automatically disconnect and dehumidify, when it is below the allowable level, the machine will self-dehumidify, this high-class cabinet is the best cigar preservation device in the world. Currently.

3. Should cigars be stored in the refrigerator?

In case of need and urgency, you can still store cigars in the refrigerator. However, it should be noted that the refrigerator can reach the temperature conditions but not the ideal humidity.

If you leave your cigars in the fridge for too long, they will quickly dry out. If the degree of dryness is moderate, we can handle it by re-moisturizing the cigarette. But if the condition is too severe, you may have to quit because you can’t smoke anymore. We can’t just let the cigar dry out and then re-moisturize it. Thus, the cigar will lose its original flavor.

The best way to deal with that is to put the cigar in a plastic bag or zip bag with a tight zipper to limit drying, but this is only a temporary measure.

Cigars are made from tobacco leaves and are wrapped entirely by hand by artisans. This tobacco leaf has been through a perfect fermentation process. They are hygroscopic so they need to be preserved to retain their original flavor and quality.

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