Cigar always appears with the image of elegant and successful gentlemen. It is impossible not to say that cigars always have a ravishing appeal when we think about it. But do you really understand cigars or not? Let’s follow Neolis Cigars to interesting knowledge around cigars through the content of the article below!

1. Overview of Ciga

Cigar or Vietnamese people also known as cigars. This is a word that comes from the original sikar meaning smoke, to smoke and then when it came to Spanish it was changed into cigarro and cigarra which means tobacco.

Cigar is a type of tobacco that is dried and bundled, tightly wrapped into each cigarette in the form of a whole rolled cigarette. The difference between a cigar and a regular cigarette is that it is larger in size as well as the process of creating a cigar is quite sophisticated, going through many stages.

Cigar is a type of tobacco that is dried and bundled into the form of a cigarette

2. Composition of cigars

A cigar will consist of three parts:

  • Cigar head (head): includes a cigar cap (cap) designed to keep the cigar moist and protect the entire wrapper of the cigarette. During manufacture, the cigar cap is coated with an adhesive made from vegetable resin or gogma to ensure the wrapper is held tight and shaped to the cigar. Therefore, when cutting a cigar, you need to be careful not to cut too deeply at the top. Otherwise, you will lose the adhesive bond holding this wrapper and your cigar will be damaged.
  • Cigar body (body): between the head and body of the cigar is usually wrapped a ribbon with the brand name of the cigar.
  • Cigar foot (foot): this is the part where you will light the cigar.
cigar knowledge
Structure of a cigar

3. The cigar making process

As mentioned, the process of making a cigar is very sophisticated and that is one of the reasons why cirgars cost more. Most will go through the following process:

Planting cigar leaves

The purpose of growing cigar leaves in a greenhouse is so that the leaves are always beautiful, without defects. Although the development stage will be slower than that of a regular cigar, the quality is guaranteed to be far superior, creating high-class cigars.

Harvesting cigar leaves

Normally, after 45 days, people start to harvest cigar leaves. The harvesting process took a long time, even lasting 9 months. Each harvest, the producer will not harvest all, but only select the best part. The small leaves will be picked first. The large leaves are left to grow to full size.

Preliminary processing and classification of cigar leaves

It is still said that it takes 200 hands to make a cigar. Because the preliminary processing and classification of cigar leaves are completely manual. There are 5-7 stages to be done after the cigars are harvested. From cleaning leaves, stripping veins, sorting by size, drying leaves, drying leaves, disinfecting, .. are all done meticulously.

Fermentation and production of finished products

After sorting, people will tie cigar leaves into bundles of 50 leaves and cover with cloth outside and put in wooden barrels to ferment the leaves. This can be considered the most important stage because it will directly affect the flavor of the cigars. During the fermentation of the leaves, the producer will regularly check the temperature in the wooden barrel. Make sure the temperature in the tank is neither too low nor too high.

With high-end cigars, artisans will conduct 2-3 more fermentation stages to create a different flavor. When the leaves have been fermented up to the standards, they are brought to roll. The largest leaf will be rolled on the outside, and the smaller the leaf will be the smaller it gets inside.

cigar knowledge
Handmade cigars made by artisans

4. Cut the cigar the right way

There are three styles of cigar head cutting: Straight cut; Cut drill holes; And V-cut. In which, straight cut and V-cut are the two most commonly used styles and are performed by a cutter.

Of all cuts, you need to remember to cut the cap correctly, but never cut off the entire cap and make sure you don’t cut into the body of the cigar.

Make a really “sweet” head cut with a single cut, don’t cut it over and over again to give the cigar a jagged tip, this will cause the cigar to burn evenly and It will reduce your feeling of being full of breath

5. Enjoy the right cigar

Smoking a cigar is really an investment of time. Enjoy the sip, gradually, don’t rush!!! Take a breath, taste the flavor of the cigar in your mouth, then exhale the smoke. Notice the different flavors that only cigars can give you such as the spicy of chili, the sweet and the aromatic of pepper.

If you smoke vigorously continuously, your cigar will burn very hot and quickly become unsightly. Ideally, when you find yourself a conversationalist, a glass of fine wine or a whiskey scotch to prolong your smoking time, that’s the right cigar to enjoy.

Cigar smoking needs slow enjoyment

6. Should try a variety of cigars

In the world there are many types of cigars and variations of cigars. Thereby you will discover many interesting points, improve your knowledge of cigars, never limit yourself to a single cigar or cigar of a single region.

Be open to enjoying, because cigars are not just tobacco but also the essence of art. Enjoying a cigar is like walking in an art exhibition, where the colors are the wonderful flavors coming from each layer of tobacco.

7. Cigars aren’t just for the rich

Along with the image of a successful man, cigars are not just a hobby of the rich. Cigars have a wider range of prices than you think.

While it must be admitted that with the best materials, the best construction and the most acute quality control procedures, expensive cigars are often good cigars.

But the most important thing is that you find something special about the taste, the subtlety that meets your desires.

Find the cigar just for you

So you have understood a bit more about cigars. It can be said that cigars are like expressions of each person’s personal style, so try and choose the right cigar for you!

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