Cigar has a special flavor that leaves an impression on the smoker’s heart. However, is the second most expensive cigarette in the world harmful to health? Should we smoke cigars? To answer this question, also follow the content of the article below.

1. Smoking a cigar is not addictive

The first thing to mention is that smoking a cigar is not addictive if you know how to smoke. The best way to smoke a cigar is to not inhale the smoke directly into the lungs. The smoke will not get directly into the lungs like cigarettes, so the nicotine content in cigars does not affect the amount of blood in the body.

smoke cigars
Smoking cigars properly is not addictive

Because of that, the elite are very fond of and love this product. There are even many people who smoke cigars for a long time without affecting their health. They still exude their own style and class.

2. Smoking cigars properly helps to increase resistance

It sounds like a contradiction, but this is the conclusion of health experts who say that nicotine in cigars has a good bactericidal effect. This substance will effectively kill harmful bacteria present in the roof of the nose and oral cavity. It even helps reduce the risk of infection.

3. Relax and Motivate

The next effect when smoking a cigar during a relaxing period is to reduce stress after tired and stressful working hours. Smoking a cigar will help the mind of the person enjoying it become clear, refreshed and more interested in the work.

smoke cigars
Smoking cigars motivates you

4. Health effects of cigars

Looking at it from an objective point of view, cigars have both advantages and disadvantages.

Cigar smoking will not cause harm to the lungs, throat or increase the likelihood of cardiovascular diseases if used correctly. On the contrary, the harmful effects of smoking cigars can be increased if you do not know how to use and overdose on cigars.

According to the World Health Organization’s recommendation, cigars are listed in the same list of ordinary rolled cigarettes and should be used sparingly. Because smoking regularly, the amount of cigar smoke will affect the respiratory tract in the body. The amount of smoke of each traditional cigar is often much larger than that of a regular cigarette.

5. Should we smoke cigars?

Going back to the first question posed after we have analyzed and looked at each other both sides of cigar smoking.

Although there is no perfect answer, Neonlis Cigars believes that this is a decision that depends on the needs and conditions of each person. No one can tell you whether or not you should smoke a cigar.

Because of its essence, smoking a cigar brings health benefits and spiritual values to your life. But smoking the wrong way or abuse is the opposite. It all depends on you.

Therefore, according to experts, you should not use cigars every day and draw smoke into your lungs. Because the improper way of smoking cigars and smoking cigars will seriously affect the smoker’s body. The best solution to reduce the harmful effects of cigars on the smoker’s body is to only use 1-2 cigars/day.

Cigar enjoyment is an art up to you

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