Premium cigars brand


Neonlisis a premium cigar brand, completely handcrafted in Vietnam, by experienced foreign artisans. From high quality cigarettes, imported and selected from reputable international suppliers, a team of experts has produced premium cigars with a variety of flavors and designs to meet the needs of the day. the stricter of the cigar enthusiasts community.

Each cigar Neonlis is born as a result of a rigorous selection process right from the stages of tobacco quality assessment, leaf aging after a certain period of time to meet the high requirements of Neonlis quality. Experts also closely monitor throughout the wrapping process and preserve the tobacco after wrapping to ensure consistent quality for each cigar, each line of cigars released.

We hope that a team of skilled and experienced artisans in the international cigar industry, as well as a deep understanding of the consumption habits of domestic consumers, will help Neonlis win hearts. and the recognition of the grave.