Nuevo Mundo - Tân Thế Giới is a cigar line that reminds of a historical event, when Christopher Columbus discovered America. Also thanks to this trip, Europeans knew the joy of smoking from the tobacco rolls of the natives.

The most prominent in the expedition were 3 ships Santa Maria, La PintaLa Niña, which were granted to Columbus by the Spanish Royal Family on the journey to find a new path. Đoàn viễn chinh - được gọi là Colonos - cũng đã xây dựng lên thủ phủ San Salvador của vùng đất mới. Those are the names given to each product in the cigar line that requires a lot of work and complexity, both in terms of materials and methods of rolling.

Nuevo Mundo Edition introduces you to the typical flavors of the New World such as the signature cedar in La Pinta and La Niña; The smell of earth, leather and chocolate in two San Salvador and Colonos…

The designs of the cigarettes in this collection are all large ring sizes (52 - 64), medium bold flavors.

Nuevo Mundo La Pinta
Nuevo Mundo La Niña
Nuevo Mundo Santa María
Nuevo Mundo San Salvador
Nuevo Mundo Colonos