Cigars are a luxury product that not everyone has the economic ability to enjoy, on the other hand, unlike cigarettes, smoking cigars is an art that not everyone understands and knows how to make. enjoy it, hereafter King of Cigars would like to guide you on the art of smoking and enjoying cigars and the right way to smoke a cigar.

1. Cigar cutting

To smoke a cigar, you must use a special tool to cut the cap line of the cigar, that tool can be scissors, clippers (double blade, single blade). or punch cutter. However, the use of a cutter and a puncher is considered to be the most popular and superior.

a) Use a clipper type cutter

When using this cutter, you should pay close attention to the top of the cap (cap line) of the cigar, there are usually 3 circles, you put the knife in the first circle on the top and cut it definitively to avoid breaking the structure. the bamboo of the cigar.

b) Drill cigar cutter – Punch cuter

With this cut, you use a tool to gently drill into the center of the cap line of the cigar, the advantage of this cut is that it leaves the structure of the cigar intact. 1 slice of the cap line of the cigar is cut off like a clipper. However, if you only use this type of cutter when you are in the middle of smoking, you want to stamp it so that the next time you smoke, it will not Can cut off the burnt part, which is possible with clipping type.

You can use both of these cutters at the same time because of the simple punch cutter you can hook with your car keys. On the other hand, you can buy a 2-in-1 lighter specifically for cigars, which is both a lighter and a punch cutter.

2) Light a cigar

To light a cigar, you must use a special type of match and torch lighter for cigars, absolutely you should not use a normal gasoline, gas, and match lighter, because the cigars are easy to absorb the smoke. scent around it so if normal gasoline, gas, and match lighters are used, the cigar will absorb the smell of gasoline and other odors of those lighters and matches so the quality and taste of the cigar Chickens will be affected even not smoking anymore.

Cigar connoisseurs often use the cedar wood that comes with the medicine box, or use a piece of agarwood to light it.

When starting to light the cigar, hold the cigar horizontally about 90 degrees, then turn on the lighter and rotate the cigar over the flame so that all the edges of the cigar are ignited evenly. not burned. Right after that, you bring the cigar to your mouth and slowly blow it up and light it up so that the tip of the cigar is really ignited.

3) How to smoke a cigar

You can hold the cigar with your index finger and thumb or hold it in a way that feels comfortable to you. Smoking a cigar is completely different from a regular cigarette, most smokers suck the smoke into their lungs, this is bad for their health, cigars are the opposite, smoking a cigar just sucks the smoke and sucks in the dome. The mouth then exhales smoke to feel its special aroma and taste in the palate.

When smoking you must always be patient and considerate and only in these two states can you enjoy and feel the unique flavors of the cigar and also feel the joy and passion. passion, elegant lifestyle and relaxing feelings, passionate passion from cigars.

If conditions allow, please enjoy cigars with a glass of Cognac (specially used in combination with cigars such as: Cohiba cognac, Xo cigar… the better) or a glass of dark wine or porto wine. of Portugal, a smoker in one hand, a glass of wine in the other hand, take a small sip, and watch the smoke drift in the distance, smell the aroma of cigars….you will feel and understand all the things. own true value in life and in contemporary society.

You should not smoke a cigar for 2 or more times because from the 2nd time onwards, the quality and taste of the cigar will no longer be as delicious as the first time, from the 2nd time onwards. Cigars often have a strong, sharp and pungent smell, the reason for this is that it has absorbed the smoke smell of the initial smoke. In order to reduce the blackness, harshness and spiciness for the next smoke, after cutting off the half-burnt part, another quarter blows all the smoke out of the cigar outside, then another quarter puts it in a moisture-proof bag. Guests should not put unfinished cigars in the storage box with other cigars, as it will affect the cigars stored in the humidor.