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To create a cigar is a process of creating a true work of art. And it’s not uncommon for people to call cigar rollers artisans. To better understand how to properly roll cigars of Cuban artisans, follow the article below.

1. Cuban artisans at Neonlis Cigars

As a genuine Cigars brand, the special feature of Neonlis is that all cigars are rolled directly by the hands of Cuban artisans – who have had experience of rolling cigars for no less than 20 years and were invited directly to the cigars. factory in Vietnam to work.

Talking with them, we will know more about the process of creating the cigar that you own, and understand the meticulous work to create this high-class tobacco.

cigar roll
Experienced Cuban artisans at Neonlis Cigars

2. Prepare the rolls

Before being put into cigar rolling, the cigar leaves must be moistened and fermented or aged. Another way to moisten leaves is to use a thin cloth on the leaves and then spray water in the form of mist on the leaves. The amount of water and the brewing time depends on the type of leaves to roll the cigar. Cuban artisans learn a traditional way to make cigar rolls the most supple and soft.

cigar roll
Layers of leaves for rolling cigars
  • Selection of Wrapper: This type of leaf must first be thinner, wider, especially must be aged longer than other leaves in the cigar. Beautiful, quality Wrapper leaves the cigar with a more distinctive aesthetic. These Wrapper leaves must be cut off the veins.
  • The Binder leaves hold the filler leaves and create the texture of the cigarette, before being covered with the wrapper. Midgrade leaves are the leaves that are intact to hold the filler leaves inside, but they are not wrappers – they act as binders. Similar to wrapper leaves, the binder must also be carefully prepared, cutting them along the veins and ending at the ends of the leaves so that they are symmetrical with each other.
  • The Filler cards are placed in the plus part of the cigar. And they are held in place by the Binder cards. The craftsman must know how to blend the leaves together to get a good flavor that you love.

3. Cigar roll

Rolling a cigar

The Cuban craftsman needs a cutting board and a blade (or a sharp blade). Starting with the wrapping leaves, smooth the leaves onto the cutting board, then use the blade to cut two parallel edges along the length of the leaf. While finishing the cigar, it is important to make sure that there are no tears or damage on the tobacco leaf, which is very important. It will greatly affect the burning process of the cigar as well as the feeling of the smoker when enjoying the cigar

Then tie the core leaves together and roll them inside the wrapper. Reshape the cigar to secure the finished leaf, then wrap the roll in foil, using special plastic to seal the outer edge. So complete a cigar.

So Completing a Cig When read on the face of the letter, this process may not seem complicated, but in practice it requires time and If the cigar is wrapped too loosely, it will just end up as a distorted leaf roll. If rolled too tightly, air cannot circulate through the layers of the tobacco and causes the cigar to lose its characteristic flavors.

cigar roll
Cuban artisans at Neonlis Cigars and their products

So you know how to roll a cigar properly from the experience of Cuban artisans. Neonlis Cigars hopes to bring useful information to help you better understand cigars, so that your experiences in the future are most sublimated.

Please share your feelings after knowing how making a cigar requires the effort and time of professional artisans below this article!


You’ve never smoked a cigar but still see people praising it. Curious about the taste that makes people willing to pay thousands of dollars to own? Read this article to better understand the taste of cigars in the perception of a cigar smoker.


Each cigar production area, each different brand will “blow” into different flavor cigars. The taste is the soul of the cigar, giving people satisfaction through the smoke, taking the smoker from one emotional level to another.

Some people think that cigars are art but already art, the way each person enjoys it is different. For many people, cigars will have common flavors such as the taste of earth, wood, valina, coffee, cream, … and have special smells such as burnt skin, the rich smell of turkey, … If so, consider the taste of cigars as an abstract art that only professionals can understand.

Taste is the soul of every cigar

Opponents, on the other hand, argue that most cigar smokers don’t perceive flavors so well. Even if they tried to imagine it. For them, the cigar flavor only makes simple and direct comments such as “delicious” and “not delicious”, “bitter”, “dry”,…

But whatever your opinion on the above controversy, we all agree that cigars are attractive and you really just need to taste it your own way.


The surprise of Cigar is that at each stage, the taste of the cigar brings a different experience to the audience.

2.1. The taste of cigars on the tongue

The taste of cigars lingers on the tongue very little, because the smoke is in the form of a gas. And at that time, the tongue mostly only felt the humidity and temperature of the cigar when sucking.

2.2. The taste of cigars on the nose

While the tongue is only capable of sensing five tastes, the nervous system in the nasal cavity can perceive hundreds of scents. So when smoking a genuine cigar, to feel its great flavor, you should use your nose to feel it. First, you can smell the cigar in the air, especially when you release the smoke through your nose, you will feel the cigar scent most clearly.

The scent of cigars in the air

2.3. The cigar flavor remains

The interesting point when enjoying cigars is the taste that remains when smoked. Like drinking wine, the taste that remains after being felt with the tongue and nasal cavity is a very important technique in enjoying a cigar. The longer the flavor lingers, the better the cigar is.

Enjoy the taste of genuine cigars

Above is the information about the cigar flavor that Neonlis Cigars hopes will help you on the way to discover this special tobacco. After all, enjoying cigars is a pleasure that each person must experience for themselves to be able to experience. Moreover, the taste of genuine cigars, not impregnated with flavoring agents like many on the market, has the appeal we mentioned.

And you, do you feel any other special cigar flavor? Share your experience with Neonlis Cigars!

wine and cigars


There’s no denying that wine makes a great cigar partner, this combination is sure to deliver a great experience with every sip and breath. However, this is a complex combination because it requires a delicate combination of taste, body and complexity between wine and cigar. Although there are no set rules for this combination, today’s article Neonlis Cigars will share with you some basic principles for the ultimate taste experience.


Thường thì nguyên tắc chung khi uống rượu với xì gà đó là chọn xì gà và rượu có độ tương đồng về mùi vị và độ mạnh. When the strength of the alcohol is similar to the strength of the cigar, it helps to avoid the drink overpowering the taste of the cigarette and vice versa.

According to longtime cigar aficionados, good wines to pair with cigars are: brandy, cognac, bourbon, single malt whiskey, rum, rye, port. The drinks that are difficult to mix are white wines such as vodka, gin…

Besides, wine is also a good choice when you want to combine wine with cigars.

wine and cigars
Wine and cigars are great choices

So how to choose the right wine among the names mentioned above? Perhaps you should first start with a question about your taste. Do you like smoky or sweet? Do you prefer whiskey or rum? All of these things will affect your cigar choice!



wine and cigars
Spirits with cigars are a great choice


This is a traditional drink when smoking a cigar. Provides a perfect combination.

Cognac pairs well with most cigars. Instead of wondering which one to choose, you can choose any one and try them out with the cognac you have.

Some of the most popular cognacs to pair with cigars are Hennesssey VSOP and Remy Martin VSOP. Their taste will enhance the flavor of the cigar in your hand.

Bourbon/ Scotch

Bourbon and single-chain Scotch, which are premium drinks with complexity and bold flavor, are very suitable to enjoy with cigars.

There are 3 flavors commonly found in scotch that you can choose from with cigars: sweet, smoky and mellow.


It’s not surprising that Cigar and Rum go well together, especially since Rum is a liqueur from the same source as cigars. What could be better than when the spicy and sweet taste of Rum blends with the taste of the cigar?

One of the best rums to try is Clement Rhum Vieux – XO Neos Prestige. With a flavor of explosive intensity, this cigar will take your experience to the next level.

2.2. WINE

wine and cigars
Wine is a good choice to go with a cigar

Red wine

Red wines are some of the most popular today and they are perfectly suited to cigar enthusiasts, the common point being that they both come in a wide variety and rich flavor spectrum, so pairing Red wines and cigars are sure to bring an experience that is both adventurous and exciting.

White wine

White wines are the finest and most refined, and although not often paired with cigars, they always make a perfect pairing. The best pairing with moon wines are light or light to medium cigars that balance the flavor chain. The result of this combination is that the flavors of both the wine and the cigar don’t overlap and you’ll be able to fully enjoy both flavors.

Rose wine

Rose wines have the characteristics of both white and red wines and have a very unique and distinctive aroma. The rosé has aromas of pink grapefruit, strawberry and raspberry, ending in the palate with flavors of red fruit and balanced with acidity.

The cigar softens the acidity and enhances the soft, creamy flavor in the wine, a flavor that would otherwise be difficult to show without a cigar. This wine is very versatile and can pair well with spicy cigars thanks to the multitude of base notes it has.


Cigar and wine are the choice of many people, including cigar connoisseurs like British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Alcohol helps the cigar to be less bitter and vice versa, the cigar helps the taste of the wine to sublimate. But what is the right combination of cigars and wine?

  • Stage 1: Bring smoke into your mouth, feel the special flavor of the cigar
  • Stage 2: Bring the smoke to the roof of the nose, enjoy the developed flavor and gradually change the taste
  • Stage 3: Push the smoke out and enjoy with your nose and you will begin to feel the full essence of the cigar.
wine and cigars
Cigar and wine is an uplifting experience

So you know how to combine cigars and wine to bring the most uplifting feeling. But even when choosing a good wine, the most important thing is to choose a classy cigar to pair with.

That’s also why you should choose Neonlis Cigars with 100% ingredients imported from Nicaragua – a country famous for producing attractive cigars. More specifically, each cigar is rolled directly by the hands of Cuban artisans. Every process is controlled and meticulous, so the quality of Neonlis cigars is highly appreciated by customers.

Neonlis Cigars – Licensed and Certified Cigar Brand

Do you want to become a dealer of a quality cigar brand or do you simply want to enjoy the great taste of cigars?

Please contact hotline 02433505468, Neonlis Cigars will contact you for cooperation or transfer your information to the dealer near you as soon as possible!

smoke cigars


Cigar has a special flavor that leaves an impression on the smoker’s heart. However, is the second most expensive cigarette in the world harmful to health? Should we smoke cigars? To answer this question, also follow the content of the article below.

1. Smoking a cigar is not addictive

The first thing to mention is that smoking a cigar is not addictive if you know how to smoke. The best way to smoke a cigar is to not inhale the smoke directly into the lungs. The smoke will not get directly into the lungs like cigarettes, so the nicotine content in cigars does not affect the amount of blood in the body.

smoke cigars
Smoking cigars properly is not addictive

Because of that, the elite are very fond of and love this product. There are even many people who smoke cigars for a long time without affecting their health. They still exude their own style and class.

2. Smoking cigars properly helps to increase resistance

It sounds like a contradiction, but this is the conclusion of health experts who say that nicotine in cigars has a good bactericidal effect. This substance will effectively kill harmful bacteria present in the roof of the nose and oral cavity. It even helps reduce the risk of infection.

3. Relax and Motivate

The next effect when smoking a cigar during a relaxing period is to reduce stress after tired and stressful working hours. Smoking a cigar will help the mind of the person enjoying it become clear, refreshed and more interested in the work.

smoke cigars
Smoking cigars motivates you

4. Health effects of cigars

Looking at it from an objective point of view, cigars have both advantages and disadvantages.

Cigar smoking will not cause harm to the lungs, throat or increase the likelihood of cardiovascular diseases if used correctly. On the contrary, the harmful effects of smoking cigars can be increased if you do not know how to use and overdose on cigars.

According to the World Health Organization’s recommendation, cigars are listed in the same list of ordinary rolled cigarettes and should be used sparingly. Because smoking regularly, the amount of cigar smoke will affect the respiratory tract in the body. The amount of smoke of each traditional cigar is often much larger than that of a regular cigarette.

5. Should we smoke cigars?

Going back to the first question posed after we have analyzed and looked at each other both sides of cigar smoking.

Although there is no perfect answer, Neonlis Cigars believes that this is a decision that depends on the needs and conditions of each person. No one can tell you whether or not you should smoke a cigar.

Because of its essence, smoking a cigar brings health benefits and spiritual values to your life. But smoking the wrong way or abuse is the opposite. It all depends on you.

Therefore, according to experts, you should not use cigars every day and draw smoke into your lungs. Because the improper way of smoking cigars and smoking cigars will seriously affect the smoker’s body. The best solution to reduce the harmful effects of cigars on the smoker’s body is to only use 1-2 cigars/day.

Cigar enjoyment is an art up to you

If you are also a person on the journey to enjoy the great taste of cigars or you have a desire to become an agent of a quality cigar brand – 100% ingredients imported from Nigacagua and hand-rolled. by professional bookers from Cuba, please contact the hotline immediately 02433505468 or leave information via gmail: Neonlis Cigars is always looking forward to hearing from you!