To create a cigar is a process of creating a true work of art. And it’s not uncommon for people to call cigar rollers artisans. To better understand how to properly roll cigars of Cuban artisans, follow the article below.

1. Cuban artisans at Neonlis Cigars

As a genuine Cigars brand, the special feature of Neonlis is that all cigars are rolled directly by the hands of Cuban artisans – who have had experience of rolling cigars for no less than 20 years and were invited directly to the cigars. factory in Vietnam to work.

Talking with them, we will know more about the process of creating the cigar that you own, and understand the meticulous work to create this high-class tobacco.

cigar roll
Experienced Cuban artisans at Neonlis Cigars

2. Prepare the rolls

Before being put into cigar rolling, the cigar leaves must be moistened and fermented or aged. Another way to moisten leaves is to use a thin cloth on the leaves and then spray water in the form of mist on the leaves. The amount of water and the brewing time depends on the type of leaves to roll the cigar. Cuban artisans learn a traditional way to make cigar rolls the most supple and soft.

cigar roll
Layers of leaves for rolling cigars
  • Selection of Wrapper: This type of leaf must first be thinner, wider, especially must be aged longer than other leaves in the cigar. Beautiful, quality Wrapper leaves the cigar with a more distinctive aesthetic. These Wrapper leaves must be cut off the veins.
  • The Binder leaves hold the filler leaves and create the texture of the cigarette, before being covered with the wrapper. Midgrade leaves are the leaves that are intact to hold the filler leaves inside, but they are not wrappers – they act as binders. Similar to wrapper leaves, the binder must also be carefully prepared, cutting them along the veins and ending at the ends of the leaves so that they are symmetrical with each other.
  • The Filler cards are placed in the plus part of the cigar. And they are held in place by the Binder cards. The craftsman must know how to blend the leaves together to get a good flavor that you love.

3. Cigar roll

Rolling a cigar

The Cuban craftsman needs a cutting board and a blade (or a sharp blade). Starting with the wrapping leaves, smooth the leaves onto the cutting board, then use the blade to cut two parallel edges along the length of the leaf. While finishing the cigar, it is important to make sure that there are no tears or damage on the tobacco leaf, which is very important. It will greatly affect the burning process of the cigar as well as the feeling of the smoker when enjoying the cigar

Then tie the core leaves together and roll them inside the wrapper. Reshape the cigar to secure the finished leaf, then wrap the roll in foil, using special plastic to seal the outer edge. So complete a cigar.

So Completing a Cig When read on the face of the letter, this process may not seem complicated, but in practice it requires time and If the cigar is wrapped too loosely, it will just end up as a distorted leaf roll. If rolled too tightly, air cannot circulate through the layers of the tobacco and causes the cigar to lose its characteristic flavors.

cigar roll
Cuban artisans at Neonlis Cigars and their products

So you know how to roll a cigar properly from the experience of Cuban artisans. Neonlis Cigars hopes to bring useful information to help you better understand cigars, so that your experiences in the future are most sublimated.

Please share your feelings after knowing how making a cigar requires the effort and time of professional artisans below this article!

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