Is taste the only factor that determines a cigar? Or are there other factors to make a perfect cigar? Find out in the article below!


There are many factors to make a cigar including: structure, color, strength, nicotine content, burning rate, feel in the hand as well as shape of the cigar… all will make up an experience. complete experience for the enjoyment.

So what is a great cigar? Please answer that it is a very difficult concept to define or explain precisely. You only know if a cigar is great when you actually enjoy it.


As for taste, there are many aspects that require further analysis. For example, we not only consider the different layers of flavor, but the texture, harmony of aromas and smoke emission also contribute to different levels of the taste experience.

Complexity and balance of flavors are also factors that smokers often overlook. However, for small cigars that only last about 30 minutes, this is not too important a criterion. But with a cigar lasting from 1 to 2 hours, its flavor should have a variation with many layers of incense to increase the enjoyment of the smoker’s experience.


Cigar is a high-class tobacco as well as a symbol for the elite. Cigars cost more than usual and that is why many people believe that the higher the price, the more special the taste.

However, in the world of cigar enjoyment there is a saying: “Cigar is a taste tour, not a race for class.”

This means that expensive cigars will not always satisfy you. You can fully expect the quality of high-end cigars, but know that everyone’s taste is different. The flavor you enjoy from a cigar comes mainly from the way the leaves are combined to create their own unique effects. Most cigar connoisseurs will always find for themselves the most suitable cigars, not collect the most expensive cigars.


Besides, there will always be factors around that can affect the quality of the cigar in your hand, including:

  • Rarity
  • Age of tobacco leaves
  • Technical expertise in making cigars of artisans
  • Production scale and location
  • Quality inspection process

5. SUCKERS themselves

In the view of Neonlis Cigars, this is also the most important factor. First, the cigar needs to bring out the flavor the smoker loves. As mentioned above, a quality cigar is when it suits you, not because it is famous or expensive.

Besides, when smoking a cigar, the interesting thing is that your mood, enjoyment time, temperature, humidity, space, accompanying drinks, and exterior… will all affect your experience.

People often share that when they smoke cigars, they have time to reflect on their life and human values. So the taste of the cigar will be ideal in every situation. In other words, the perfection of the cigar is up to you.

The elements that make up a cigar

For you, what makes a perfect cigar? Do not hesitate to share your valuable experiences when enjoying cigars with Neonlis Cigars!

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