how to hold a cigar


If you are a cigar aficionado, you will know that there are many different ways to hold a cigar. But did you know that the way a person holds a cigar can also tell their personality? Today, let’s learn about this very interesting topic with Neonlis Cigars!


First, we need to confirm with each other that, in enjoying cigars, there is no standard way to hold. Because compared to holding a cigar in any way, the process of enjoying the cigar flavor is much more important.

And so, it should be noted that the topic of understanding a person’s personality through small details such as the way they hold a cigar is for reference only, not completely applicable to all.

Now let’s discover what the most common grips say about which smoker.


how to hold a cigar

This is the grip where you will hold the cigar between your index finger and thumb while the other fingers are folded in the direction of the palm. People who hold cigars this way are often known to be rational, have good judgment and see things in a fair and open way.


how to hold a cigar

Have you ever seen someone hold a cigar with most of their fingers? This shows that this is an individual with high self-esteem and quite rigid, however they can have an impressive style that easily attracts others.


how to hold a cigar

People who hold cigars with the tips of their thumbs and forefingers are usually well-dressed and have neat habits. However, they have difficulty trusting others and are quite suspicious.


how to hold a cigar

People who have a habit of holding their cigars between their index and middle fingers while the other fingers are folded are optimistic, talkative, and extroverted. Besides, they often don’t care about other people’s eyes.

Besides, they often don’t care about other people’s eyes.

In addition to the above popular ways, there are many other ways to hold a cigar and how it speaks to the person’s personality through the detailed table below. Let’s see which grip you have:

how to hold a cigar
Ways to hold a cigar

It can be seen that, although each person has a preference, how to hold is everyone’s right, but knowing how to hold it correctly also helps us a lot in building an image, conveying inspiration and class.

And you, how do you hold a cigar? Does the grip speak about part of your personality? Please share with Neonlis Cigars by leaving a comment below this article!


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Cigar makes people fall in love with the taste. However, for various reasons, improper storage of cigars has inadvertently lost the quality of the legendary product. In this article, Neonlis Cigars will provide you with the right ways to store cigars at home!

1. In what conditions should cigars be stored?

Experts have recommended storing cigars at a temperature of 16-18 degrees Celsius and a standard humidity of 65-70%. Maintained in this condition, cigars can be stored for 5-10 years.

Cigar has a feature that only in the right humidity, the microorganisms present in the cigarette continue to grow, keeping the cigar up to the standard when used. If left too cold the cigar will crack and if it is too hot it will dry out. For the weather and ambient temperature and humidity in Vietnam, leaving the cigar out will significantly reduce the quality of the cigarette, even if it’s taken out for a short time.

Therefore, usually, to preserve the best quality of cigars, it is necessary to have supporting tools

cigar preservation
Cigars need to be preserved to retain their flavor

2. Cigar Care Instructions

As mentioned above, cigar users will often be equipped with a humidity cabinet or a specialized humidity box to preserve cigars during use.

How to use the humidifier?

Before putting the cigars in the box, you must remove the absorbent device from the box, use a clean, lint-free cloth soaked in distilled water to wipe the inside and outside of the humidor box, then leave it in a dry place for 3-5 minutes. This will prevent mold for the humidifier box.

After this time, you wipe the box again, let distilled water seep into the absorbent device and attach it to the box, then cover it and let it sit for 3-5 hours.

After this time, you gently put the cigars in the box and should only arrange a maximum of 3 layers to have space for moisture to flow in and keep all cigars evenly moist, then close the box, keep it away from heat. altitude and sunlight.

Storing cigars with a moisture-proof box is quite popular

How to use the humidifier?

The humidor cabinet works similarly to the humidor box, but is often used to display and store cigars in bulk. Some high-end types often have automatic spraying and dehumidifying systems with electronic humidity meters. When the meter is only at a humidity higher than the allowable level, the machine will automatically disconnect and dehumidify, when it is below the allowable level, the machine will self-dehumidify, this high-class cabinet is the best cigar preservation device in the world. Currently.

3. Should cigars be stored in the refrigerator?

In case of need and urgency, you can still store cigars in the refrigerator. However, it should be noted that the refrigerator can reach the temperature conditions but not the ideal humidity.

If you leave your cigars in the fridge for too long, they will quickly dry out. If the degree of dryness is moderate, we can handle it by re-moisturizing the cigarette. But if the condition is too severe, you may have to quit because you can’t smoke anymore. We can’t just let the cigar dry out and then re-moisturize it. Thus, the cigar will lose its original flavor.

The best way to deal with that is to put the cigar in a plastic bag or zip bag with a tight zipper to limit drying, but this is only a temporary measure.

Cigars are made from tobacco leaves and are wrapped entirely by hand by artisans. This tobacco leaf has been through a perfect fermentation process. They are hygroscopic so they need to be preserved to retain their original flavor and quality.

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celebs and cigars

Did you know some of the most influential people of this century are also cigar enthusiasts? There have been many famous smokers throughout history and it shows us that smoking cigars has become an inseparable hobby. Let’s find out about these celebrities’ passion for cigars!

1. Winston Churchill

Perhaps the former prime minister of England-Winston Churchill is one of the most famous cigar smokers in history. He is known as a lover of fine cigars and even has a line of cigars named after him. There are reports that Churchill smoked around 10 cigars a day and mainly chose Cuban brands, but this is difficult to verify.

Prime Minister Winston was never short of cigars. Even when he was forced to wear an oxygen mask to travel by plane in unpressurized cabins. That passion was even so strong that he created a special oxygen mask that allows smoking while in the air.

In those days, it was common to see the prime minister smoking his luxury cigar with a fine whiskey with a cigar clip beside the glass.

2. Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro is an influential figure in history, he is a revolutionary hero and leader of the Cuban republic.

He was a lover of cigars and considered them Cuba’s most prestigious export. It is said that Fidel was introduced by his father at the age of 15 and smoked cigars until he was 59. In the photos left behind, it is rare that people do not see the image of a cigar accompanying the former leader.

cigars and celebrities
Cuban leader and passion for cigars

3. Mark Twain

Mark Twain is an American satirist best known for his novels The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. People assume that Twain smokes 22 cigars a day. Some other information even suggested that he may have smoked up to 40 cigarettes a day.

Writer famous for cigars

4. Jack Nicholson

Jack Nicholson is an American actor, who is favored with the title “the greatest man in Hollywood history”.

Jack Nicholson started smoking cigars in the 1990s. Before that, he was a smoker. Jack once shared that he smoked half a pack of cigarettes to calm his nerves. But then he decided to switch to cigars and this change helped him relax more.

Jack Nicholson smoked cigars a long time ago

5. Tom Cruise

One of the top stars of the 90s. Tom Cruise has starred in films such as Eyes Wide Shut, the Mission Impossible series and Interview with a Vampire. He is widely known as a cigar enthusiast and has been a smoker for many years. Cruise even became the representative of a cigar company.

Above is a list of people who are famous for their cigar passion. It is impossible not to say that smoking cigars is like an art that attracts many people, even those with historical influence.

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Cigar always appears with the image of elegant and successful gentlemen. It is impossible not to say that cigars always have a ravishing appeal when we think about it. But do you really understand cigars or not? Let’s follow Neolis Cigars to interesting knowledge around cigars through the content of the article below!

1. Overview of Ciga

Cigar or Vietnamese people also known as cigars. This is a word that comes from the original sikar meaning smoke, to smoke and then when it came to Spanish it was changed into cigarro and cigarra which means tobacco.

Cigar is a type of tobacco that is dried and bundled, tightly wrapped into each cigarette in the form of a whole rolled cigarette. The difference between a cigar and a regular cigarette is that it is larger in size as well as the process of creating a cigar is quite sophisticated, going through many stages.

Cigar is a type of tobacco that is dried and bundled into the form of a cigarette

2. Composition of cigars

A cigar will consist of three parts:

  • Cigar head (head): includes a cigar cap (cap) designed to keep the cigar moist and protect the entire wrapper of the cigarette. During manufacture, the cigar cap is coated with an adhesive made from vegetable resin or gogma to ensure the wrapper is held tight and shaped to the cigar. Therefore, when cutting a cigar, you need to be careful not to cut too deeply at the top. Otherwise, you will lose the adhesive bond holding this wrapper and your cigar will be damaged.
  • Cigar body (body): between the head and body of the cigar is usually wrapped a ribbon with the brand name of the cigar.
  • Cigar foot (foot): this is the part where you will light the cigar.
cigar knowledge
Structure of a cigar

3. The cigar making process

As mentioned, the process of making a cigar is very sophisticated and that is one of the reasons why cirgars cost more. Most will go through the following process:

Planting cigar leaves

The purpose of growing cigar leaves in a greenhouse is so that the leaves are always beautiful, without defects. Although the development stage will be slower than that of a regular cigar, the quality is guaranteed to be far superior, creating high-class cigars.

Harvesting cigar leaves

Normally, after 45 days, people start to harvest cigar leaves. The harvesting process took a long time, even lasting 9 months. Each harvest, the producer will not harvest all, but only select the best part. The small leaves will be picked first. The large leaves are left to grow to full size.

Preliminary processing and classification of cigar leaves

It is still said that it takes 200 hands to make a cigar. Because the preliminary processing and classification of cigar leaves are completely manual. There are 5-7 stages to be done after the cigars are harvested. From cleaning leaves, stripping veins, sorting by size, drying leaves, drying leaves, disinfecting, .. are all done meticulously.

Fermentation and production of finished products

After sorting, people will tie cigar leaves into bundles of 50 leaves and cover with cloth outside and put in wooden barrels to ferment the leaves. This can be considered the most important stage because it will directly affect the flavor of the cigars. During the fermentation of the leaves, the producer will regularly check the temperature in the wooden barrel. Make sure the temperature in the tank is neither too low nor too high.

With high-end cigars, artisans will conduct 2-3 more fermentation stages to create a different flavor. When the leaves have been fermented up to the standards, they are brought to roll. The largest leaf will be rolled on the outside, and the smaller the leaf will be the smaller it gets inside.

cigar knowledge
Handmade cigars made by artisans

4. Cut the cigar the right way

There are three styles of cigar head cutting: Straight cut; Cut drill holes; And V-cut. In which, straight cut and V-cut are the two most commonly used styles and are performed by a cutter.

Of all cuts, you need to remember to cut the cap correctly, but never cut off the entire cap and make sure you don’t cut into the body of the cigar.

Make a really “sweet” head cut with a single cut, don’t cut it over and over again to give the cigar a jagged tip, this will cause the cigar to burn evenly and It will reduce your feeling of being full of breath

5. Enjoy the right cigar

Smoking a cigar is really an investment of time. Enjoy the sip, gradually, don’t rush!!! Take a breath, taste the flavor of the cigar in your mouth, then exhale the smoke. Notice the different flavors that only cigars can give you such as the spicy of chili, the sweet and the aromatic of pepper.

If you smoke vigorously continuously, your cigar will burn very hot and quickly become unsightly. Ideally, when you find yourself a conversationalist, a glass of fine wine or a whiskey scotch to prolong your smoking time, that’s the right cigar to enjoy.

Cigar smoking needs slow enjoyment

6. Should try a variety of cigars

In the world there are many types of cigars and variations of cigars. Thereby you will discover many interesting points, improve your knowledge of cigars, never limit yourself to a single cigar or cigar of a single region.

Be open to enjoying, because cigars are not just tobacco but also the essence of art. Enjoying a cigar is like walking in an art exhibition, where the colors are the wonderful flavors coming from each layer of tobacco.

7. Cigars aren’t just for the rich

Along with the image of a successful man, cigars are not just a hobby of the rich. Cigars have a wider range of prices than you think.

While it must be admitted that with the best materials, the best construction and the most acute quality control procedures, expensive cigars are often good cigars.

But the most important thing is that you find something special about the taste, the subtlety that meets your desires.

Find the cigar just for you

So you have understood a bit more about cigars. It can be said that cigars are like expressions of each person’s personal style, so try and choose the right cigar for you!

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10 Things to Avoid of a Professional Smoker

While the world of high-end cigars is a relaxing experience, there are certain rules of etiquette that, especially business and bureaucrats, will have to pay attention to. these things. A few rules about fingers, or just a little mistake breaking these conventions will make you awkward. Here are 10 pitfalls you should avoid in order to become a professional premium cigar connoisseur.

Cut out too many cigars

The cap of a cigar contains a vegetable glue called gomma that holds the wrapper that ends at the top of the roll by a small piece of leaf. Therefore, if you cut too deep inside the body of the cigarette, you will completely break the bridge of the cigarette tip and the outer leaf will come apart. Usually will cut right on the rounded shoulder of the cigarette, that is, the top cap of the cigarette end.

Blow continuously

In the art of enjoying cigars, I share how you can blow your cigars professionally and avoid the cigarette being extinguished. However, continuous steaming is also not recommended, as this causes the cigar to heat up very quickly, resulting in a spicy, hot and bitter taste. It is best to leave a gap of 30 seconds for each puff, so you will be comfortable with enjoying, as well as make the cigarette not affect the taste.

Light a potion with dirty ingredients

This, I often say to cigar aficionados, I keep repeating it over and over again. Not all flames are created equal. The source you use must be clean, otherwise when they enter the cigarette will make your cigarette worse. Using a flame that burns with Butane fuel (a gaseous type of gas) is the best, it does not affect the cigarette at all. If you use a candle, the wax particles will go straight into your mouth, if you use the ash, the scent of that wood goes into the scent of the medicine, etc. many Vietnamese people use cheap Chinese lighters, use cheap Chinese gas, the smell of gas entering the medicine is very unpleasant. Therefore, I recommend you to use Xikar or Dupont lighters (the ability to burn fuel is almost 100%) and use high-quality imported gas.

Cigar cutting is many parts

That might be for TosCano cigars but if you’re doing it with real cigars it’s a no-brainer. The cigar is not a symmetrical body and is uniform in all parts. The tobaccos are completely different in parts (especially in Cuban cigars). Experienced cigar makers or blenders place and design different cigar leaves at the tips to ensure the flavor and variation in strength and flavor experience of a cigar. medicine And especially cutting the cigarette like that for no reason breaks the cigarette by breaking the wrapper leaf bond.

Inhale cigar smoke

Perhaps it should be repeated again for those of you who are new to cigars, even many old players are still doing, that is smoking cigars like cigarettes. That’s a mistake! The taste of cigars is on your tongue, not in your lungs, cigars are tasting, feeling aromas and their resonance on the palate and nasal cavity. Inhaling cigar smoke into your lungs will not help you feel its flavor, moreover it will make you short of breath, intoxicated even in severe shock, making you nauseous and dizzy.

Light a cigar

When you finish smoking the cigar, you just need to put it down in the ashtray, no need to do anything, the fire will continue to burn and keep the flavor for the cigarette steadily. It’s possible that its ash will fall off on its own, without your intervention. A snuffed cigarette makes them not pretty.

Place a half-smoked cigar in the Humidor

Perhaps this is the worst thing to do, not to do, even to use the word “Forbidden”. Half-smoked cigars have a very high moisture content, when put in Humidor it causes the moisture of all other cigarettes to spoil. Moreover, a half-smoked cigar will cause the rest of the cigars to be contaminated with smoke, leading to odors and loss of smell.

Use a cigar box as a Humidor

That’s what you are thinking, any manufacturer recommends that you store your cigars in stable temperature and humidity conditions, which means that the box of the cigar cigars are not meant to preserve your cigars. You just need to take it out of the store or your storage cabinet, it has already lost its moisture balance.

Store cigars in the fridge

Many cigar novices do not invest in a good cigar storage system, thinking that the refrigerator can be used as a storage space, but That’s a mistakethe temperature and humidity conditions of the refrigerator are completely inappropriate. It will make your cigars dry and cracked.

Show someone how to smoke a cigar

Do not do this, because everyone has a different way of enjoying cigars, and there are many different principles in life. Let them smoke their cigarettes as they please – unless you’re an editor or cigar expert, of course!


How to raise good cigars

Storing a cigar to enjoy is not an easy thing. This preservation process is an important aging process, it ensures the complete removal of the acids in the tobacco leaves and makes the leaves smooth and shiny, the flavor enhanced and sweeter. Many people mistakenly believe that investing in a storage cabinet or a Humidor is to leave it to it to keep their cigars. But that thinking is so wrong!

A good cigar is evaluated through many different criteria, from appearance, flavor, softness, leaf color, ability to snow, ventilation, ability to hold ash, smoke, …. Many cigar smokers simply light up and smoke, even they don’t know how to appreciate or feel a cigar properly. It is very understandable because the purpose of using cigars is different for each person. So keeping our cigars is as simple as making sure the cigar doesn’t spoil, and it still smokes. Then read the article How to preserve cigars as mentioned above. And in this article, I would like to share how to “nurture” a cigar so that it is “Delicious” according to the criteria of enjoying a cigar.

Choosing a cigar storage cabinet

How to choose the right cigar storage cabinet? Many people choose to buy a Humidor box (small cigar humidor) to store their cigars, this is also possible when you have a separate room with little temperature variation and very cool. Then using Humidor box is also possible, and you have to be very clever to control the humidity of the storage box every day. And my advice is that you should invest in a professional cigar storage cabinet (Cigar Humidor Cabinet).

Currently, on the market, all types of plug-in cigar storage cabinets have built-in temperature and humidity control features, so you should buy a storage cabinet of this type. However, according to my long experience, most of the storage cabinets sold in Vietnam do not guarantee the required temperature and humidity, so you must choose high quality, branded cabinets. and ensure the ability to preserve cigars such as EuroCave (France), Liebherr (Germany), BullDog (Chinese-German), Gerber-Humidor (Germany), Adorini (German Cabinet) brands…. These are cabinets that in my experience are of excellent quality in the preservation of fine cigars.

How to arrange cigars in the storage cabinet

According to the sharing of many people as well as my personal experience, the cigars in the cabinet should have certain standards, not simply put the cigars in the wooden trays. Often you notice that the cigar cabinets have wooden trays with different horizontal and vertical spokes, or drill round holes to create ventilation for the cigars.

  • We pay attention that the cigars should be placed perpendicular to the ventilation holes, so that the cigars are more ventilated.
  • It is possible to stack cigars on top of each other depending on how many or how few cigars you have, but stacking will also affect the storage process, it is best to limit stacking. If so, we should put thin wooden leaves between the layers (take advantage of the inside of the available cigar boxes).
  • Should all the cigars be placed on wooden trays? In my opinion, it shouldn’t, but if you have a good cabinet like the ones I introduced above, you absolutely can. And you must have time to do the things I will talk about later.
  • Each cigar storage cabinet has a design of a box and a cigarette holder, so it is also a suggestion for storage, you should put the cigar boxes in the lower compartments and the bare cigarettes on the trays. above that you often smoke.

How to adjust the humidity temperature for the storage cabinet

The common standard that all cigar manufacturers instruct in cigar boxes is to store cigars at a temperature of 15°C – 18°C and an average humidity of 60% – 75%. However, to ensure the best cigars, in my experience, a base temperature between 18°C – 20°C and humidity between 69% – 75% is best. Why is that?

Everyone has different tastes and depending on the culture of the region, Westerners tend to smoke more dry cigars than Easterners. Why, I think there must be a long article to share, but basically we understand that it is different in natural and cultural conditions.

According to the above temperature and humidity background, please adjust your storage cabinet according to your feelings about the cigarette you own.

How to cultivate good cigars

This is the part we need to discuss when you can do at least the above things when you want to nurture good cigars. And this is like a part of the attention that you need to follow when you want to have the best cigars that when you enjoy or those around you enjoy also have to say. The numbers given below are a guarantee for a good cigar, and exceeding the number limit as shared below does not necessarily make the cigar damaged, but it affects the process of growing. nursing, or you have to spend time rearing.

  1. Humidity control: as I said, the temperature from 18°C – 20°C (with Humidor box it is from 22°C – 24°C) is not necessary to control too tightly, temperature fluctuations in this range. But humidity you need to control very carefully. Because as long as the humidity of the cigarettes exceeds the allowable limit (from 69% to 75%) for too long (more than 1 day in my opinion), the cigar will have problems. Either dry or moist, this affects the fermentation of the cigar.
  2. Change the humidity: Changing the humidity depends on your smoking preferences, as well as your desire to return the cigar to the best mode. However, please note that the humidity adjustment should not be too fast, too sudden, if you want to increase or decrease the humidity, adjust the humidity at plus or minus 2% and change it after 2 days, like that. best for cigarettes
  3. Control the ventilation of the cigar: So one week you should reverse the position of the cigars inside the Humidor, because staying fixed inside the Humidor for a long time will cause their contact surfaces to be blocked, uneven in all cigarettes.
  4. Control the ventilation of the cabinet: The cigar cabinet should be placed in a cool room with air conditioning, this has the effect of creating ventilation for the cabinet. Ideally, you should flush the refrigerator once a week, and how? It is the rotation of the cigars that helps you to empty the cabinet. Please turn on the air conditioner of the room containing the medicine cabinet to about 20°C – 22°C, during the process of turning the medicine, open the door of the medicine cabinet all the way, the turning time should last about 1 hour, or if done quickly, you Open the cabinet door to let the room air-conditioned for about 1 hour – 2 hours. Thus, creating ventilation for the entire cabinet and dehumidifying if the humidity is too high (especially in the wet season).
  5. Change the water tank continuously: I always remind cigar players, change the water in the cigar cabinet constantly, drain the water and put fresh water in, if possible do it once a month, otherwise at least 3 once a month. Because a lot of bacteria as well as molds will enter your cabinets. And it is best to use pure distilled water for your cabinets.
  6. Balance moisture according to preference: This is for each person, each taste is different, it is up to the individual who likes to smoke or breathe, this is completely up to you to actively adjust the humidity of your storage cabinet to be reasonable. For example, I personally smoke at 72% humidity, it is darker and smoother, softer.

So, above I have shared in detail how to preserve standard cigars as well as how to nurture cigars so that they are delicious. With the suggestion of using a professional storage cabinet, in addition for those of you using a Humidor box, just buy a Boverda for and to control humidity and keep it cool, and follow the 3 steps above. This article is purely based on my own experience as well as shared by some friends. So I look forward to your comments and suggestions.


The clearance of the cigar and how to deal with a blocked cigar

When smoking a cigar One of the unpleasant experiences is encountering a blocked, poorly ventilated cigar. At that time, even if your cheeks were puffy and puffy, you would not feel much of the flavor, both tired and angry.

Here is an article that I have collected, so I want to share it with you for everyone’s reference from how to choose a cigarette to how to handle such stuffy cigarettes. To make it easier to understand, Thich Cigar has edited a bit and added some comments to the article.

HOW TO CHOOSE THE Least Swallowing Shape of Cigars

The most common suction shape is a broom tail like BBMF (Fuente OpusX) or a suckling pig’s tail like BHK (Behike), followed by a twisted pig tail like Flying Pig (Liga Privada).

In general, the kit has a tail because the purpose of making the tail is to pull it out and suck it up without cutting. You can use your teeth to bite it to give it a peaceful blood, but it’s not advisable in the elegant Lounge. Note if the tail seems to be tightly wrapped, it should be cut because due to the beautiful shape, sometimes they tie the head too tight like the bottom of the waist, so it is a bit poorly ventilated, it is necessary to reduce it.

Next, the easiest to eat is the flat top and the most annoying is the pointed tip of Piramide or belicoso because it is molded.

So why is a Belicoso or Piramide a bit more expensive? Because rolling workers take more work and have to be more skilled. So if you use a good high-end piramide, that means you spend more money on a good roller.

After choosing the goods that are tall, thin, fat, tail or no tail, round or pointed, then you should pay attention to the squeezing and touching part.

Visitors should pay attention to wear gloves if opening a naked cigarette or just manipulating the cigar through cellophane to avoid fungal diseases spreading through the guests’ hands. Our hands are always dirty and bio-oil secreted by ourselves, this is the favorite food of mold.

The way to straighten is to straighten from the suction tail to the front stamp, if it is stiff without a slight elasticity, the risk of strangulation is very high.

Squeeze down to the burner. If you find that from the middle up to the top of the smoker, it’s hard, the middle and down is softer, which means that the cigarette is not flexible and needs to be brewed more.

The cigar is a fully flexible cigar, except for the pointed end, which is always stiff.



If you encounter a sharp-pointed cigarette, cut 2/3 of the pointed end.

A flat head like a Cohiba Robusto should only be cut off the cap. If you just dropped the cap and sucked it up, that’s fine.

If you cut off the cap and you don’t get it, you can start harassing the shop owner. The shop owner will exchange you another cigarette. If the owner of the shop does not change it, you should change the shop to buy it.

The cut should not be too deep 1/3 cm if desired because when the cigar needs to be cut deep, it means that the roll is not up to the standard. But village guests should also politely add 1 block and still choke, so they should ask to change cigarettes.

Trying to smoke a stuffy cigar is like eating sticky rice. Losing all the taste and losing money adds to the frustration…

Each type of cigar has a different throughput. But if you feel that the cigarette is not pine, you should use a poker tree, a kind of old steel or bamboo tree the size of a bicycle spokes (spokes) to poke and create more fluency for the cigarette. If you poke about 1/3 of a cigarette 1 time, it’s ok, no problem. This error is acceptable. If you have to poke once every few puffs, it means that the cigarette is over-rolled, and if it is still poorly ventilated, the cigarette is completely unsuccessful, the taste will change due to the smoke.


If you smoke one to three puffs and the leaves do not burn evenly, it is a lack of heat, need to heat around the burning edge to bring up the standard smell.

If the cigarette burns fast on one side and slow on the other, it means that the leaf is not rolled evenly. The place is tight and the place is loose. Need to burn the leaf part that burns more slowly.


To break it off, you should take a breath and then brush it off. The ashes will break clean. If the burner is not red, it means that it needs to be heated and smoked while burning. You should burn more when you have just cleared the ashtray and should keep the ashtray because the ashes help keep the heat of the burning head.

Cigar is not like cigarettes, should not be ashtray continuously.

Do not try to smoke when there is a lack of heat, but you should knock off the ashes and then re-prime.


When smoking lightly, you don’t see enough smoke, don’t try to take a few breaths to make it red, but blow back to clean the smoke, wipe off the ashtray, and then burn it again like a new cigarette.

Continuous pulling for a few puffs will ruin the taste of the cigar and make it bitter.


The art of enjoying a fine cigar to the fullest

Cigars are a luxury product that not everyone has the economic ability to enjoy, on the other hand, unlike cigarettes, smoking cigars is an art that not everyone understands and knows how to make. enjoy it, hereafter King of Cigars would like to guide you on the art of smoking and enjoying cigars and the right way to smoke a cigar.

1. Cigar cutting

To smoke a cigar, you must use a special tool to cut the cap line of the cigar, that tool can be scissors, clippers (double blade, single blade). or punch cutter. However, the use of a cutter and a puncher is considered to be the most popular and superior.

a) Use a clipper type cutter

When using this cutter, you should pay close attention to the top of the cap (cap line) of the cigar, there are usually 3 circles, you put the knife in the first circle on the top and cut it definitively to avoid breaking the structure. the bamboo of the cigar.

b) Drill cigar cutter – Punch cuter

With this cut, you use a tool to gently drill into the center of the cap line of the cigar, the advantage of this cut is that it leaves the structure of the cigar intact. 1 slice off the cap line of the cigarette Cigar However, if you only use this type of cutter when you are in the middle of smoking, you want to extinguish it so that the next time you smoke, you will not be able to cut off the burned part, which the clipping type can. can do.

You can use both of these cutters at the same time because of the simple punch cutter you can hook with your car keys. On the other hand, you can buy a 2-in-1 lighter specifically for cigars, which is both a lighter and a punch cutter.

2) Light a cigar

To light a cigar, you must use a special type of match and torch lighter for cigars, absolutely you should not use a normal gasoline, gas, and match lighter, because the cigars are easy to absorb the smoke. scent around it so if normal gasoline, gas, and match lighters are used, the cigar will absorb the smell of gasoline and other odors of those lighters and matches so the quality and taste of the cigar Chickens will be affected even not smoking anymore.

Cigar connoisseurs often use the cedar wood that comes with the medicine box, or use a piece of agarwood to light it.

When starting to light the cigar, hold the cigar horizontally about 90 degrees, then turn on the lighter and rotate the cigar over the flame so that all the edges of the cigar are ignited evenly. not burned. Right after that, you bring the cigar to your mouth and slowly blow it up and light it up so that the tip of the cigar is really ignited.

3) How to smoke a cigar

You can hold the cigar with your index finger and thumb or hold it in a way that feels comfortable to you. Smoking a cigar is completely different from a regular cigarette, most smokers suck the smoke into their lungs, this is bad for their health, cigars are the opposite, smoking a cigar just sucks the smoke and sucks in the dome. The mouth then exhales smoke to feel its special aroma and taste in the palate.

When smoking you must always be patient and considerate and only in these two states can you enjoy and feel the unique flavors of the cigar and also feel the joy and passion. passion, elegant lifestyle and relaxing feelings, passionate passion from cigars.

If conditions allow, please enjoy cigars with a glass of Cognac (specially used in combination with cigars such as: Cohiba cognac, Xo cigar… the better) or a glass of dark wine or porto wine. of Portugal, a smoker in one hand, a glass of wine in the other hand, take a small sip, and watch the smoke drift in the distance, smell the aroma of cigars….you will feel and understand all the things. own true value in life and in contemporary society.

You should not smoke a cigar for 2 or more times because from the 2nd time onwards, the quality and taste of the cigar will no longer be as delicious as the first time, from the 2nd time onwards. Cigars often have a strong, sharp and pungent smell, the reason for this is that it has absorbed the smoke smell of the initial smoke. In order to reduce the blackness, harshness and spiciness for the next smoke, after cutting off the half-burnt part, another quarter blows all the smoke out of the cigar outside, then another quarter puts it in a moisture-proof bag. Guests should not put unfinished cigars in the storage box with other cigars, as it will affect the cigars stored in the humidor.