You’ve never smoked a cigar but still see people praising it. Curious about the taste that makes people willing to pay thousands of dollars to own? Read this article to better understand the taste of cigars in the perception of a cigar smoker.


Each cigar production area, each different brand will “blow” into different flavor cigars. The taste is the soul of the cigar, giving people satisfaction through the smoke, taking the smoker from one emotional level to another.

Some people think that cigars are art but already art, the way each person enjoys it is different. For many people, cigars will have common flavors such as the taste of earth, wood, valina, coffee, cream, … and have special smells such as burnt skin, the rich smell of turkey, … If so, consider the taste of cigars as an abstract art that only professionals can understand.

Taste is the soul of every cigar

Opponents, on the other hand, argue that most cigar smokers don’t perceive flavors so well. Even if they tried to imagine it. For them, the cigar flavor only makes simple and direct comments such as “delicious” and “not delicious”, “bitter”, “dry”,…

But whatever your opinion on the above controversy, we all agree that cigars are attractive and you really just need to taste it your own way.


The surprise of Cigar is that at each stage, the taste of the cigar brings a different experience to the audience.

2.1. The taste of cigars on the tongue

The taste of cigars lingers on the tongue very little, because the smoke is in the form of a gas. And at that time, the tongue mostly only felt the humidity and temperature of the cigar when sucking.

2.2. The taste of cigars on the nose

While the tongue is only capable of sensing five tastes, the nervous system in the nasal cavity can perceive hundreds of scents. So when smoking a genuine cigar, to feel its great flavor, you should use your nose to feel it. First, you can smell the cigar in the air, especially when you release the smoke through your nose, you will feel the cigar scent most clearly.

The scent of cigars in the air

2.3. The cigar flavor remains

The interesting point when enjoying cigars is the taste that remains when smoked. Like drinking wine, the taste that remains after being felt with the tongue and nasal cavity is a very important technique in enjoying a cigar. The longer the flavor lingers, the better the cigar is.

Enjoy the taste of genuine cigars

Above is the information about the cigar flavor that Neonlis Cigars hopes will help you on the way to discover this special tobacco. After all, enjoying cigars is a pleasure that each person must experience for themselves to be able to experience. Moreover, the taste of genuine cigars, not impregnated with flavoring agents like many on the market, has the appeal we mentioned.

And you, do you feel any other special cigar flavor? Share your experience with Neonlis Cigars!

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