There’s no denying that wine makes a great cigar partner, this combination is sure to deliver a great experience with every sip and breath. However, this is a complex combination because it requires a delicate combination of taste, body and complexity between wine and cigar. Although there are no set rules for this combination, today’s article Neonlis Cigars will share with you some basic principles for the ultimate taste experience.


Thường thì nguyên tắc chung khi uống rượu với xì gà đó là chọn xì gà và rượu có độ tương đồng về mùi vị và độ mạnh. When the strength of the alcohol is similar to the strength of the cigar, it helps to avoid the drink overpowering the taste of the cigarette and vice versa.

According to longtime cigar aficionados, good wines to pair with cigars are: brandy, cognac, bourbon, single malt whiskey, rum, rye, port. The drinks that are difficult to mix are white wines such as vodka, gin…

Besides, wine is also a good choice when you want to combine wine with cigars.

wine and cigars
Wine and cigars are great choices

So how to choose the right wine among the names mentioned above? Perhaps you should first start with a question about your taste. Do you like smoky or sweet? Do you prefer whiskey or rum? All of these things will affect your cigar choice!



wine and cigars
Spirits with cigars are a great choice


This is a traditional drink when smoking a cigar. Provides a perfect combination.

Cognac pairs well with most cigars. Instead of wondering which one to choose, you can choose any one and try them out with the cognac you have.

Some of the most popular cognacs to pair with cigars are Hennesssey VSOP and Remy Martin VSOP. Their taste will enhance the flavor of the cigar in your hand.

Bourbon/ Scotch

Bourbon and single-chain Scotch, which are premium drinks with complexity and bold flavor, are very suitable to enjoy with cigars.

There are 3 flavors commonly found in scotch that you can choose from with cigars: sweet, smoky and mellow.


It’s not surprising that Cigar and Rum go well together, especially since Rum is a liqueur from the same source as cigars. What could be better than when the spicy and sweet taste of Rum blends with the taste of the cigar?

One of the best rums to try is Clement Rhum Vieux – XO Neos Prestige. With a flavor of explosive intensity, this cigar will take your experience to the next level.

2.2. WINE

wine and cigars
Wine is a good choice to go with a cigar

Red wine

Red wines are some of the most popular today and they are perfectly suited to cigar enthusiasts, the common point being that they both come in a wide variety and rich flavor spectrum, so pairing Red wines and cigars are sure to bring an experience that is both adventurous and exciting.

White wine

White wines are the finest and most refined, and although not often paired with cigars, they always make a perfect pairing. The best pairing with moon wines are light or light to medium cigars that balance the flavor chain. The result of this combination is that the flavors of both the wine and the cigar don’t overlap and you’ll be able to fully enjoy both flavors.

Rose wine

Rose wines have the characteristics of both white and red wines and have a very unique and distinctive aroma. The rosé has aromas of pink grapefruit, strawberry and raspberry, ending in the palate with flavors of red fruit and balanced with acidity.

The cigar softens the acidity and enhances the soft, creamy flavor in the wine, a flavor that would otherwise be difficult to show without a cigar. This wine is very versatile and can pair well with spicy cigars thanks to the multitude of base notes it has.


Cigar and wine are the choice of many people, including cigar connoisseurs like British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Alcohol helps the cigar to be less bitter and vice versa, the cigar helps the taste of the wine to sublimate. But what is the right combination of cigars and wine?

  • Stage 1: Bring smoke into your mouth, feel the special flavor of the cigar
  • Stage 2: Bring the smoke to the roof of the nose, enjoy the developed flavor and gradually change the taste
  • Stage 3: Push the smoke out and enjoy with your nose and you will begin to feel the full essence of the cigar.
wine and cigars
Cigar and wine is an uplifting experience

So you know how to combine cigars and wine to bring the most uplifting feeling. But even when choosing a good wine, the most important thing is to choose a classy cigar to pair with.

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