10 Things to Avoid of a Professional Smoker

While the world of high-end cigars is a relaxing experience, there are certain rules of etiquette that, especially business and bureaucrats, will have to pay attention to. these things. A few rules about fingers, or just a little mistake breaking these conventions will make you awkward. Here are 10 pitfalls you should avoid in order to become a professional premium cigar connoisseur.

Cut out too many cigars

The cap of a cigar contains a vegetable glue called gomma that holds the wrapper that ends at the top of the roll by a small piece of leaf. Therefore, if you cut too deep inside the body of the cigarette, you will completely break the bridge of the cigarette tip and the outer leaf will come apart. Usually will cut right on the rounded shoulder of the cigarette, that is, the top cap of the cigarette end.

Blow continuously

In the art of enjoying cigars, I share how you can blow your cigars professionally and avoid the cigarette being extinguished. However, continuous steaming is also not recommended, as this causes the cigar to heat up very quickly, resulting in a spicy, hot and bitter taste. It is best to leave a gap of 30 seconds for each puff, so you will be comfortable with enjoying, as well as make the cigarette not affect the taste.

Light a potion with dirty ingredients

This, I often say to cigar aficionados, I keep repeating it over and over again. Not all flames are created equal. The source you use must be clean, otherwise when they enter the cigarette will make your cigarette worse. Using a flame that burns with Butane fuel (a gaseous type of gas) is the best, it does not affect the cigarette at all. If you use a candle, the wax particles will go straight into your mouth, if you use the ash, the scent of that wood goes into the scent of the medicine, etc. many Vietnamese people use cheap Chinese lighters, use cheap Chinese gas, the smell of gas entering the medicine is very unpleasant. Therefore, I recommend you to use Xikar or Dupont lighters (the ability to burn fuel is almost 100%) and use high-quality imported gas.

Cigar cutting is many parts

That might be for TosCano cigars but if you’re doing it with real cigars it’s a no-brainer. The cigar is not a symmetrical body and is uniform in all parts. The tobaccos are completely different in parts (especially in Cuban cigars). Experienced cigar makers or blenders place and design different cigar leaves at the tips to ensure the flavor and variation in strength and flavor experience of a cigar. medicine And especially cutting the cigarette like that for no reason breaks the cigarette by breaking the wrapper leaf bond.

Inhale cigar smoke

Perhaps it should be repeated again for those of you who are new to cigars, even many old players are still doing, that is smoking cigars like cigarettes. That’s a mistake! The taste of cigars is on your tongue, not in your lungs, cigars are tasting, feeling aromas and their resonance on the palate and nasal cavity. Inhaling cigar smoke into your lungs will not help you feel its flavor, moreover it will make you short of breath, intoxicated even in severe shock, making you nauseous and dizzy.

Light a cigar

When you finish smoking the cigar, you just need to put it down in the ashtray, no need to do anything, the fire will continue to burn and keep the flavor for the cigarette steadily. It’s possible that its ash will fall off on its own, without your intervention. A snuffed cigarette makes them not pretty.

Place a half-smoked cigar in the Humidor

Perhaps this is the worst thing to do, not to do, even to use the word “Forbidden”. Half-smoked cigars have a very high moisture content, when put in Humidor it causes the moisture of all other cigarettes to spoil. Moreover, a half-smoked cigar will cause the rest of the cigars to be contaminated with smoke, leading to odors and loss of smell.

Use a cigar box as a Humidor

That’s what you are thinking, any manufacturer recommends that you store your cigars in stable temperature and humidity conditions, which means that the box of the cigar cigars are not meant to preserve your cigars. You just need to take it out of the store or your storage cabinet, it has already lost its moisture balance.

Store cigars in the fridge

Many cigar novices do not invest in a good cigar storage system, thinking that the refrigerator can be used as a storage space, but That’s a mistakethe temperature and humidity conditions of the refrigerator are completely inappropriate. It will make your cigars dry and cracked.

Show someone how to smoke a cigar

Do not do this, because everyone has a different way of enjoying cigars, and there are many different principles in life. Let them smoke their cigarettes as they please – unless you’re an editor or cigar expert, of course!

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