How to raise good cigars

Storing a cigar to enjoy is not an easy thing. This preservation process is an important aging process, it ensures the complete removal of the acids in the tobacco leaves and makes the leaves smooth and shiny, the flavor enhanced and sweeter. Many people mistakenly believe that investing in a storage cabinet or a Humidor is to leave it to it to keep their cigars. But that thinking is so wrong!

A good cigar is evaluated through many different criteria, from appearance, flavor, softness, leaf color, ability to snow, ventilation, ability to hold ash, smoke, …. Many cigar smokers simply light up and smoke, even they don’t know how to appreciate or feel a cigar properly. It is very understandable because the purpose of using cigars is different for each person. So keeping our cigars is as simple as making sure the cigar doesn’t spoil, and it still smokes. Then read the article How to preserve cigars as mentioned above. And in this article, I would like to share how to “nurture” a cigar so that it is “Delicious” according to the criteria of enjoying a cigar.

Choosing a cigar storage cabinet

How to choose the right cigar storage cabinet? Many people choose to buy a Humidor box (small cigar humidor) to store their cigars, this is also possible when you have a separate room with little temperature variation and very cool. Then using Humidor box is also possible, and you have to be very clever to control the humidity of the storage box every day. And my advice is that you should invest in a professional cigar storage cabinet (Cigar Humidor Cabinet).

Currently, on the market, all types of plug-in cigar storage cabinets have built-in temperature and humidity control features, so you should buy a storage cabinet of this type. However, according to my long experience, most of the storage cabinets sold in Vietnam do not guarantee the required temperature and humidity, so you must choose high quality, branded cabinets. and ensure the ability to preserve cigars such as EuroCave (France), Liebherr (Germany), BullDog (Chinese-German), Gerber-Humidor (Germany), Adorini (German Cabinet) brands…. These are cabinets that in my experience are of excellent quality in the preservation of fine cigars.

How to arrange cigars in the storage cabinet

According to the sharing of many people as well as my personal experience, the cigars in the cabinet should have certain standards, not simply put the cigars in the wooden trays. Often you notice that the cigar cabinets have wooden trays with different horizontal and vertical spokes, or drill round holes to create ventilation for the cigars.

  • We pay attention that the cigars should be placed perpendicular to the ventilation holes, so that the cigars are more ventilated.
  • It is possible to stack cigars on top of each other depending on how many or how few cigars you have, but stacking will also affect the storage process, it is best to limit stacking. If so, we should put thin wooden leaves between the layers (take advantage of the inside of the available cigar boxes).
  • Should all the cigars be placed on wooden trays? In my opinion, it shouldn’t, but if you have a good cabinet like the ones I introduced above, you absolutely can. And you must have time to do the things I will talk about later.
  • Each cigar storage cabinet has a design of a box and a cigarette holder, so it is also a suggestion for storage, you should put the cigar boxes in the lower compartments and the bare cigarettes on the trays. above that you often smoke.

How to adjust the humidity temperature for the storage cabinet

The common standard that all cigar manufacturers instruct in cigar boxes is to store cigars at a temperature of 15°C – 18°C and an average humidity of 60% – 75%. However, to ensure the best cigars, in my experience, a base temperature between 18°C – 20°C and humidity between 69% – 75% is best. Why is that?

Everyone has different tastes and depending on the culture of the region, Westerners tend to smoke more dry cigars than Easterners. Why, I think there must be a long article to share, but basically we understand that it is different in natural and cultural conditions.

According to the above temperature and humidity background, please adjust your storage cabinet according to your feelings about the cigarette you own.

How to cultivate good cigars

This is the part we need to discuss when you can do at least the above things when you want to nurture good cigars. And this is like a part of the attention that you need to follow when you want to have the best cigars that when you enjoy or those around you enjoy also have to say. The numbers given below are a guarantee for a good cigar, and exceeding the number limit as shared below does not necessarily make the cigar damaged, but it affects the process of growing. nursing, or you have to spend time rearing.

  1. Humidity control: as I said, the temperature from 18°C – 20°C (with Humidor box it is from 22°C – 24°C) is not necessary to control too tightly, temperature fluctuations in this range. But humidity you need to control very carefully. Because as long as the humidity of the cigarettes exceeds the allowable limit (from 69% to 75%) for too long (more than 1 day in my opinion), the cigar will have problems. Either dry or moist, this affects the fermentation of the cigar.
  2. Change the humidity: Changing the humidity depends on your smoking preferences, as well as your desire to return the cigar to the best mode. However, please note that the humidity adjustment should not be too fast, too sudden, if you want to increase or decrease the humidity, adjust the humidity at plus or minus 2% and change it after 2 days, like that. best for cigarettes
  3. Control the ventilation of the cigar: So one week you should reverse the position of the cigars inside the Humidor, because staying fixed inside the Humidor for a long time will cause their contact surfaces to be blocked, uneven in all cigarettes.
  4. Control the ventilation of the cabinet: The cigar cabinet should be placed in a cool room with air conditioning, this has the effect of creating ventilation for the cabinet. Ideally, you should flush the refrigerator once a week, and how? It is the rotation of the cigars that helps you to empty the cabinet. Please turn on the air conditioner of the room containing the medicine cabinet to about 20°C – 22°C, during the process of turning the medicine, open the door of the medicine cabinet all the way, the turning time should last about 1 hour, or if done quickly, you Open the cabinet door to let the room air-conditioned for about 1 hour – 2 hours. Thus, creating ventilation for the entire cabinet and dehumidifying if the humidity is too high (especially in the wet season).
  5. Change the water tank continuously: I always remind cigar players, change the water in the cigar cabinet constantly, drain the water and put fresh water in, if possible do it once a month, otherwise at least 3 once a month. Because a lot of bacteria as well as molds will enter your cabinets. And it is best to use pure distilled water for your cabinets.
  6. Balance moisture according to preference: This is for each person, each taste is different, it is up to the individual who likes to smoke or breathe, this is completely up to you to actively adjust the humidity of your storage cabinet to be reasonable. For example, I personally smoke at 72% humidity, it is darker and smoother, softer.

So, above I have shared in detail how to preserve standard cigars as well as how to nurture cigars so that they are delicious. With the suggestion of using a professional storage cabinet, in addition for those of you using a Humidor box, just buy a Boverda for and to control humidity and keep it cool, and follow the 3 steps above. This article is purely based on my own experience as well as shared by some friends. So I look forward to your comments and suggestions.

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