The clearance of the cigar and how to deal with a blocked cigar

When smoking a cigar One of the unpleasant experiences is encountering a blocked, poorly ventilated cigar. At that time, even if your cheeks were puffy and puffy, you would not feel much of the flavor, both tired and angry.

Here is an article that I have collected, so I want to share it with you for everyone’s reference from how to choose a cigarette to how to handle such stuffy cigarettes. To make it easier to understand, Thich Cigar has edited a bit and added some comments to the article.

HOW TO CHOOSE THE Least Swallowing Shape of Cigars

The most common suction shape is a broom tail like BBMF (Fuente OpusX) or a suckling pig’s tail like BHK (Behike), followed by a twisted pig tail like Flying Pig (Liga Privada).

In general, the kit has a tail because the purpose of making the tail is to pull it out and suck it up without cutting. You can use your teeth to bite it to give it a peaceful blood, but it’s not advisable in the elegant Lounge. Note if the tail seems to be tightly wrapped, it should be cut because due to the beautiful shape, sometimes they tie the head too tight like the bottom of the waist, so it is a bit poorly ventilated, it is necessary to reduce it.

Next, the easiest to eat is the flat top and the most annoying is the pointed tip of Piramide or belicoso because it is molded.

So why is a Belicoso or Piramide a bit more expensive? Because rolling workers take more work and have to be more skilled. So if you use a good high-end piramide, that means you spend more money on a good roller.

After choosing the goods that are tall, thin, fat, tail or no tail, round or pointed, then you should pay attention to the squeezing and touching part.

Visitors should pay attention to wear gloves if opening a naked cigarette or just manipulating the cigar through cellophane to avoid fungal diseases spreading through the guests’ hands. Our hands are always dirty and bio-oil secreted by ourselves, this is the favorite food of mold.

The way to straighten is to straighten from the suction tail to the front stamp, if it is stiff without a slight elasticity, the risk of strangulation is very high.

Squeeze down to the burner. If you find that from the middle up to the top of the smoker, it’s hard, the middle and down is softer, which means that the cigarette is not flexible and needs to be brewed more.

The cigar is a fully flexible cigar, except for the pointed end, which is always stiff.



If you encounter a sharp-pointed cigarette, cut 2/3 of the pointed end.

A flat head like a Cohiba Robusto should only be cut off the cap. If you just dropped the cap and sucked it up, that’s fine.

If you cut off the cap and you don’t get it, you can start harassing the shop owner. The shop owner will exchange you another cigarette. If the owner of the shop does not change it, you should change the shop to buy it.

The cut should not be too deep 1/3 cm if desired because when the cigar needs to be cut deep, it means that the roll is not up to the standard. But village guests should also politely add 1 block and still choke, so they should ask to change cigarettes.

Trying to smoke a stuffy cigar is like eating sticky rice. Losing all the taste and losing money adds to the frustration…

Each type of cigar has a different throughput. But if you feel that the cigarette is not pine, you should use a poker tree, a kind of old steel or bamboo tree the size of a bicycle spokes (spokes) to poke and create more fluency for the cigarette. If you poke about 1/3 of a cigarette 1 time, it’s ok, no problem. This error is acceptable. If you have to poke once every few puffs, it means that the cigarette is over-rolled, and if it is still poorly ventilated, the cigarette is completely unsuccessful, the taste will change due to the smoke.


If you smoke one to three puffs and the leaves do not burn evenly, it is a lack of heat, need to heat around the burning edge to bring up the standard smell.

If the cigarette burns fast on one side and slow on the other, it means that the leaf is not rolled evenly. The place is tight and the place is loose. Need to burn the leaf part that burns more slowly.


To break it off, you should take a breath and then brush it off. The ashes will break clean. If the burner is not red, it means that it needs to be heated and smoked while burning. You should burn more when you have just cleared the ashtray and should keep the ashtray because the ashes help keep the heat of the burning head.

Cigar is not like cigarettes, should not be ashtray continuously.

Do not try to smoke when there is a lack of heat, but you should knock off the ashes and then re-prime.


When smoking lightly, you don’t see enough smoke, don’t try to take a few breaths to make it red, but blow back to clean the smoke, wipe off the ashtray, and then burn it again like a new cigarette.

Continuous pulling for a few puffs will ruin the taste of the cigar and make it bitter.

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